So it’s time for a monthly recap! Did you make gains? Did you lose? What was the most important thing you learned this month? Did you make a mistake that we can learn from? Personally, I made 7% from 7 trades with 2% risk per trade.聽

The most important thing I learned was to do with trading psychology: Once we have established our edge we need to approach trading as a series of trades instead of seeing each trade singularly. This helps us to not get too hung up on the outcome of any individual trade. My biggest mistake was trying to trade a price action reversal in a choppy market. In future, I’ll avoid choppy charts and only trade charts with smooth, obvious swings of price. That being said.. lets take a look into the markets for this week.

December 1st-8th Outlook:

OIL聽has gone down more than 5% on Thursday and even broke the $68 mark on Friday. OPEC has said they will not change their production quotas to match the falling prices.

GOLD聽has broken down the $1,180 level to finish on $1,167 late on Friday, ahead of the GOLD Reserves referendum in Switzerland today.

EURUSD聽To top it all, we have the NFP announcement at the end of this week which will strongly effect the EURUSD which is hanging at the 1.245 level for a week now. Technical Analysis

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